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Basal Thermometer

Basal Thermometer

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  • The stylish AnchorWell Digital Basal Body Thermometer will help you pinpoint ovulation, allowing you to conceive quickly.


  • Flexible tip, waterproof, easy-to-read LCD display, measures in Fahrenheit, fast results, and memory recall.


  • Precision measuring gives you accurate results to the 1/100th of a degree, which is not possible with a regular thermometer.


  • Tested for clinical accuracy, this thermometer is FDA approved and manufactured in an FDA and IOS registered facility.


  • Includes 3 BONUS Wondfo pregnancy test strips and clear carrying case.





AnchorWell's basal thermometer combines style and function.  It provides precision accuracy to help you get one step closer to fulfilling your dreams of being a parent.  By taking your basal body temperature each morning, you can pinpoint when ovulation occurs in your cycle, making it more likely you'll conceive.  This thermometer is also perfect for Natural Family Planning methods. 


Accurate Results with Memory Recall


Keep the thermometer under your pillow and take your temperature first thing in the morning.  Like most basal thermometers, it takes about 60 seconds to get an accurate reading. You’ll hear a soft beep indicating your reading is done.  You can either record your temperature now, or put it aside and use the memory recall function after you’re fully awake. 


Pregnancy Tests Included


Included with your thermometer are 3 Wondfo pregnancy tests – one of the most loved pregnancy tests online. These pregnancy tests detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and give quick results in only 5 minutes.


Here is how to interpret Wondfo pregnancy tests:

Negative (not pregnant): Only one band of color appears

Positive (pregnant): Two bands of colors appear, one in the test window, and one in the control zone. This indicates you are pregnant.  (Color intensity may vary).


(Picture of thermometer with arrows pointing to features)

  • Measures to the 1/100th, making it incredibly accurate
  • Easy ON/OFF button doesn't keep you guessing
  • Flexible tip is gentle in your mouth
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning
  • Memory Recallfunction saves the last recorded temperature